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Rs265 Newbie.


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Hi everyone,


I've been searching on and off for a new car for about year now and have struggled to find something to replace my E46 328ci. I then ended up writing off the E46 so was pushed into finding something.


The short list was:

Mk7 GTI - Too old man and very dark interior, but I would have loved dsg.

Scirocco - getting a little old in my price range

Focus St - perfect, just couldn't get comfortable in the interior

WRX - too much road noise, felt big and awkward and clutch had no feedback at all


So I finally drove an RS yesterday and fell in love. Not as quick as some of the others, but feeling the diff put the power down out of a tight turn was pretty special along with the exhaust pops and bangs. Ended up putting a deposit down on a 265 in silver, not my first choice in colour but I think it will grow on me with a few touches.


I still have some reservations about the car, mainly resale and reliability (we've had renaults in the family before). But hopefully the driving experience makes up for it.


Look forward to learning more and hopefully meeting some of you at an event soon.




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Welcome Jall,


Reliability is relative and depends how long you intent to keep the car for. Less than 5 years and the warranty is there if over 5 years ive seen toyota corollas have problems within 8 years. As long as you take it to a good mechanic they can keep you on the road. Resale is based on reputation and Renault's is getting better every year. In the end you put money down so your basically locked in so enjoy the ride because we all are :)

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They are a great car but my needs have now changed. I need a 4WD to tow a Trailer Sailer so the car has got to go.

I'm selling my 2014 (current shape) with only 4,300 klms for a very low $32,000 in Liquid yellow. The car is as you would expect immaculate if you are interested. Located in  South East QLD. I have priced it for a quick sale. Still has the Balance of the New car warranty and fixed priced servicing.

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Already put a deposit down on one my friend. 7,000km, with over 4 years warranty left, hopefully pick it up this weekend.


Starting to get excited about the car. Hoping to meet some Vic members at the drive day next weekend.

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Picked her up today and just spent the last 3 hours driving my favourite back roads. Yep, I like this car!

I also really like the silver despite my reservations.





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