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  1. The other option is that the current owner cancels the registration prior to you taking ownership and applies for an un-registered vehicle permit. This allows you to drive the car from NSW to your home address and then to the RWC shop and to QLD transport.
  2. I'm a plus one for the Recaros being supremely comfortable. I get massive back pain on long drives in any kind of normal seat (e.g. my girlfriends Audi A1), but I actually found that the Recaros were supportive enough to eliminate this all together. I would NOT be looking for a car without recaros if comfort is your main concern.
  3. All I can suggest mate, is STAY ON TOP OF IT. I just sold my Black Redbull Edition Megane and over the 3.5 years that I owned it, I spent DAYS waxing and polishing the paintwork (and was still never satisfied). I'd recommend giving it a good polish at least every 6 months - this makes cleaning it in-between so much easier. Whenever I left it too long between a polish, washing it was excruciating to get right. If I had my time again I would have forked out for Opticoat and then just given it a wash every 2 - 3 weeks.
  4. Nice mate. Personally I would have just got rid of the "Renault Sport" sticker and kept the rest - but each to their own! Enjoy.
  5. 27AME

    Rs265 Newbie.

    Reliability (Mechanical): perfectly fine Reliability (Construction): iffy Re-sale: up the sh*tter Fun factor: nothing like it
  6. I don't think they'd replace them until they fail. Can't really comment on whether it feels better, but I guarantee they just replace them with the same part. Even the 275's feel the same, so I doubt they've upgraded this model to model.
  7. If you check the Warranty thread in the Meg 3 section, quite a few of us have actually had these replaced under warranty. My passenger side handle completely snapped off - they have to replace the entire door section as it is one piece.
  8. Welcome mate. I believe you must have bought the R from Brighton Renault - If so, I assume you got a very good price as I saw what that was advertised at. Congratulations. Also, I've sat in your car - hope you don't mind
  9. I think you must have bought the one I had on my shortlist. Was listed for about $30,900. Good buy mate - enjoy.
  10. The Recaros are the same in every model, they are just trimmed differently (Mine are full cloth with leather side bolsters, the 275 Cup Premium is Alcantara with leather side bolsters). I actually get a really stiff back because of scoliosis and I have no issues whatsoever with the Recaros. I find them much, much better than standard seats in just about any car. We regularly take my car for trips up to the Sunshine Coast and I have no issues. If you're looking for around a 2012 model, you might want to look at the Trophy+. They missed out on the Recaros, but they have full leather trim
  11. Or you could forget the white and buy my black red bull with yellow highlights
  12. I hear you.... The RS can be had for under $95 per week though, with a $14,750 residual (based on a $29,500 purchase price - quite a few Cup demos listed in this range ATM). Easily sell it for that in 3 years or re-finance. But everyone's affairs are different! I'd rather pay a little more per week, than be sprung with un-foreseen costs down the road (e.g. if you purchase an older car and something goes bang).
  13. If you're keen for an RS, why don't you get a Clio RS200 Cup while they're on 0%? There's a few listed between $29,500 and $31,000 at the moment and fixed price servicing/5 year warranty make it a very good deal.
  14. Hey mate, I'm a little out of your budget, but I have a 2012 Redbull Edition with 33,000km on it that I've listed for $26,750. Slightly negotiable, but not much. I'm on the Gold Coast.
  15. If you wanted to come to the Coast, I'd let you drive my RS265 RB7 for a proper squirt. In fact, I won't let you come back until your face has lost all of its colour. I'll never forget the look of the M3 owners face, 3 days into ownership, as he pulled up beside me after some spirited turns.
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