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Just Been Bitten By The Rs Bug


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Just scored myself a white 265 trophy with xenons and leather recaros.

Have had many many cars over the past 6 years, latest being a bmw 130i and a liberty gt spec B.

This car is honestly the funnest stock vehicle I have ever driven!!

Can someone point me to a thread which lists the best flash tunes for the 265? Brands, prices, etc. As well as a thread which lists the best mods for these cars, exhausts, intercoolers, etc


I'm Sydney based



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Welcome Adz!

Congrats on your very own slice of RS heaven :)


Tuning and mods info in these threads - 






Ther's more through the Megane III section - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/forum/52-megane-iii/ + the members rides. Happy hunting :)


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Well done ADZ, great car, you will enjoy it! There is a really great forum community in Sydney too, so check the social events on the forum as well, and you will be able to meet up with folks who can also provide suggestions on the best way forward to achieve what you want from the car.


Look forward to reading about some more of your driving impressions of the car.  :D

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Congrats and welcome.

I reckon the 265 Trophy is pretty much tuned to the limit from the factory but of course you can always make more with a bucket load of $.

I suggest you keep the car stock till you can drive it to the max of your ability. Pretty hight level without adding slicks and going to a track.

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