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New 225 Owner (Sort Of!)


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I'm new to this forum and purchased a megane 225 cup about a year ago. What started out as lust has now evolved into true love. I could not be happier with this car, it's amazing! I'm ashamed to admit that I was considering a WRX before the meg won out, so glad it did. Now when I see another ubiquitous WRX, I just feel sorry for the owner:(!  Since purchasing, the guys at Auto Paris have fitted a induction kit, next will be a cat-back exhaust. Would love to hear from 225 owners with similar upgrades. 


Also, could someone help me with the correct name of that rubber strip that clips to the bottom of the front bumper?? Can't find one online anywhere. Would probably help if I knew what I was looking for! After a long drive to Wilson's Prom I returned home to notice it missing. Previous owner must have scraped a few curbs as it's never stayed completely clipped.


Thanks in Advance,



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Welcome Dan!


You've bought the best Renault Sport of any of them.


There are as many Meg III's and Clio's as there are WRX's so you do have something which stands out more (plus I like stirring the pot, he he).


Look after it and it will love you back. Enjoy!

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