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New Member, Old Car - Megane Ii 225 Cup


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Hi folks,


I'm Pete, and I'm new to the forums and to Renault, having just bought my first RS from a member here, Mick_0003 -




I've been on the hunt for a sport hatch since the beginning of the year, and more avidly ever since moving into a tiny lane-way in the city two months ago. It had to be practical enough to cart the two kids around; a fun performer, as I'm moving on from classic Porsches; European; and somewhat uncommon, as I hate driving around in cars that I see on the road all the time.


The catalyst for looking at Meggys was a black 225 that was regularly parked at my old employer (Qantas), which always reminded me of how much I loved these cars when they first came out.


Anyway, Mick_0003's ad came up on the classifieds here, and the rest is history.


Mick was a great guy to deal with, and has already invested in some of the best mods you can get for these cars as per my sig.


I've now got a short shifter on order from K-tec, and will look at intercoolers and a hard-pipe kit once the wallet is recovering. Would love to stumble upon an R26.R titanium exhaust and some RS Recaro Sports seats, but I don't fancy my chances!


I'm trying to convince the wifey out of her current Touareg and into something more compact, like a Captur, it'd be nice to have the matching badges parked out back.

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Welcome, good choice!


Like you said, R26.R exhausts will be almost impossible to come by, esp with none in Oz. Plus shipping from UK would be something like 200 pounds. The K-tec stainless steel 2.75" system is fairly lightweight I believe?

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