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Newbie To The The Forum (But Not To Owning A 225)


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Evening all,

Thought I would just introduce myself being new to the forums,  


I have had my 04 225 sport for the last 6 years.  Still completely stock, and has been used it as my daily driver during this time and has been great (except for the electric windows which keep breaking).


This weekend I sold my 'mucking around with car' (04 xr6 turbo) and replaced it with something somewhat more sensible.  As a result, I'm looking to do something which I have been wanting to do for a while, namely, starting to have a bit of fun tweaking the 225 (which after a few googles, brought me to this great forum).


The first thing on my list is the traction control which switches on automatically at 50km/h even when you switch it off.  Any reputable places in perth which are familiar modifying these cars and may be able to assist with getting this to stay turned off?


God bless




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Welcome Matt!


Nice car. Do you have any pics?


You've certainly come to the right place to get some good info on modifications. Check out the Members Rides section, there are a few 225's there with some tasty mods  :wink:


As far as places in Perth which specialise in the Renault Sport brand, try these guys: http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/21327-wa-frenchtec-motorsports/

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Hopefully this will work, sorry for the poor phone pic.  Will have to get around to taking some good ones one of these days.


Thanks for the tips on the RS Tuner and the Perth workshop, have emailed Henk and now just have to save up the pennies.

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