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Maintenance Schedule Rs265 Trophy


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Hi guys i'm new here, just purchased a 2012 RS265 Trophy.

Where would I find a service maintenance schedule with listings of requirements at each service such as plugs, timing belt, oil brand & viscocity e.t.c.

I've searched the net and not found anything. I also rang the local Renault dealer and was told they don't have a maintenance book.

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Hi Renne and welcome to the forums.


I have a RS250 Service schedule with costings but it is old so pricing would have changed with the introduction of capped price servicing but it still has all the details of what gets done at each 10,000km service.


Here is the pdf document.I hope it works for you.


Service Schedule RS250.pdf



It details part numbers as well as rough costs which i have found to have not really changed since then.

EDIT: I just tried it and it worked a treat.

and by the looks it also covers 265 and I would say would be no different for the 275 except for rotors/brakes maybe.


Enjoy :D

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Anyone still got this PDF?

Won’t open - I’ve got my 30,000km service tomorrow - just want to check what should be included in the service.

I think pollen filter and brake fluid?

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Thanks mate! Damn my last cap price service haha... it bloody doubles cost next service [emoji15]...

So looks like the pollen filter will be extra.

I’ve got them doing the gear box also - $80 for fluid (5L) and $145 labour = $225 all in. At least I’ll have fluid left the next one I guess.

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