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  1. I’ve mostly gotten used to it now, but I recall when first driving a Megane it would be quite jerky if coming off the throttle and putting in the clutch quickly when going 1st to 2nd. I think I’ve unconsciously changed my technique a bit to come off the throttle quite gently when putting in the clutch, particularly when changing at low RPM. At higher RPM it seems smoother even when coming off throttle quickly.
  2. If I did get it I'd be asking Renotech to install it. But if it's many hours of labour, the total cost makes it less appealing 🤔 I'm sure it would be sweet though...
  3. Normal, but it should feel much better once everything is warmed up - although at least 15 minutes of driving until it will slot in perfectly smooth. Changing higher in the rev range (~3k RPM) also slots in smoother. I've never really considered a short-shifter kit but after reading that link above it's mighty tempting...
  4. I've encountered all the usual squeeks (e.g brake pedal), and have mostly sorted them, but the belt buckles were a niggling issue. I reported it at a recent service and they just greased the hell out of it and it is been completely silent! Not sure what they used, but try putting some grease inside the mechanism (maybe just put on the belt buckle and insert a few times).
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