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197 Newbie (Not Exactly)


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Just want to officially say hello and introduce myself to all of you guys on the forum. i am the proud owner of a Silver Renault Clio Sport 197 (had her since February this year). looking forward to any upcomig events and possibly any future track days...  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen: 


I have also just serviced it at RenoTech and i'd like to give a massive thanks to Julian for making it easy explaining everything to me!!! and for also ensuring that she runs perfectly!!!


looking forward to getting my hands on a cupra lip and some R27 rims in the not too distant future (Julian made it stuck in my head the moment he said it)


I apologize in advanced for taking photos of other peoples cars but i just didn't want to miss the opportunity of getting a photo with some more clios as there are non that i am aware of around western Sydney (fairfield)   :44: 


anyways hello guys!








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There's a couple of 197 and 200s floating around the Fairfield/Liverpool area, bunch of the new 200EDCs and a fair few 172/182s if you keep a keen eye. You know what I don't see a lot of in our area are Meganes :( 


I'm pretty sure I've seen you quite a few times parked on the Maccas side of the Orange Grove car park :)

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thank you!


i do remember seeing one LY 200 twice, same bloke, we both had a moment of appreciation over our cars. i do believe that my neighbors son or relative happens to have a white EDC but never really seen the person.


 yeah not an awful amount of meganes around at all


and yes that is me, i happen to work there  :mrgreen: just look for the red haired guy out the back and ill hook you up with a bigmac haha  :yes: 

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thanks Numbnut!
and arent they also 18inch rims? just the standard ones that came with the r27s or megane II rims that looks alike if anyone has any up for sale?!  :o  

i'll pm you   :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:



i definitely am nathanb!!!

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Welcome mate. 18s will be fine on stock suspension - the A&D 200s have them after all. 


225 Cup rims (18s) would look great!


Here's some on a black one:



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that would be great nathanb! a photo of your car would be even better once you have them on  :yes:  :yes:


thanks walkie, for the time being i guess i will fiddle with minor cosmetics then move on to them. in no rush. also if anyone happens to be selling or knows anyone selling a 200 rear diffuser that can tell it would be great  :hyper:

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