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Too Excited With My First Rs To Check In Here- Until Now


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So the title really says it all. Picked up an 06 Megane 225 3 door in black about 2 months ago and this now resides on the Gold Coast. Just find it such a great car to drive. This little black french car has returned driving pleasure that I had forgotten about for so many years. Yes- going down the road of the "when I was younger" days- I remember I used to just get so much enjoyment from getting in a car and going places- not the getting to where I was going but the process of getting there. For too long a car had simply become a form of transport. Mundane and dull. Not so with the Megane. Every time the engine starts there is something really interesting about to happen. Missed this for too long. Anyway, that is my introduction- at last. Hope to catch up with other forum members through the forum activities when time permits, the tides are right and the planets align.

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Welcome Handyman, looking forward to meeting up on a run sometime.  Can never be too many RS cars in Qld I reckon.


I can certainly relate to your sentiments (as can everyone on this forum) about the senses coming alive when you press the starter!!!  Way more than just the sum of the parts these cars....  :hail:

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