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New Sydney Member - Keen For Track Days


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Hi members,


In December last year I made the great decision of purchasing a RS Clio 200 Cup Trophy. I've been stoked with most aspects of the car. I say most because I can't overlook the R-Link 2.0 and its flaws.


Aside from technical information, mods and tips regarding the Clio, my main driver for becoming an active member of the forum is to join in on the track days at Wakefield.


I've had a look at the thread regarding the upcoming track day. If it's as simple as signing, paying and showing up I'm more than happy. If there is anything else I should know please give me a heads up.


I look forward to meeting everyone in the flesh at the track.



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Welcome Mike!


For the track day at Wakefield Park organised by Franck, it is pretty much sign, pay, show up. However, there's some good info here in terms of car prep for the day if you haven't already read it: http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/16561-track-day-setup-checklist-tuning/


There are other track day options also. Have a read of this thread for more info: http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/20657-ardc-practice-days/



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Hi Mike,


Welcome aboard, we're always looking for new track blood :)


Besides the Wakefield track days run by Franck some of us also do the CSCA Supersprint series. Probably an even split between Wakefield, and SMP South, North and Brabham circuits over the year. There's an event at SMP North Circuit this weekend! You need to be a member of a car club (Try Club Lotus) and have a CAMs 2SL (Speed) licence to enter.



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