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Hi All!


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Or Malinki Putin perhaps....


I'll be on a watch list now... :(


Welcome to theforum Boris, you will find lots of info here and a bunch of fun loving Aussies (plus others from all over) that share the same passion. Great car, and very nice colour. Look forward to some shots in the snow when its winter over there... Only a vew months to wait...

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No152 thanks!

KGB have left afer you :)))

About winter - sorry I don't understand all because my English is not very good(

Our winter is over and now we have already fun to drive)

For example today we have time attack on Moscow Raceway (ring)



Отправлено из моего iPad используя Tapatalk

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Privet Boris


I was just saying that the red would look amazing against a Moscow snow scene behind. But as it is almost winter here and summer there we will need to wait months to see your car in snow :)


Enjoy the time attack! Look forward to photos of that...

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Itsdamo, really?
and around the world believe that in Australia all drink Fosters :)


No152, Clio in the snow looks amazing, you're right
I did not get to the ring, I got a call from the dealer said urgently to go to them. Renault announced revocable company for replacement fuel gauge. They said that this must be done without delay, it is very important

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