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Rs Clio 200 Cup Edc Or 2012 Rs Megane 250/265 Cup?


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Hi guys I'm a new guy here live in Adelaide and love Renaults.  I have owned a 2001 RS Clio 172, Peugeot 180 and a  Peugeot 205 GTI previously.  We only have 1 car at the moment but want to get another by the end of the year.  As the title says looking at either car, I've read the pros and cons of each but still undecided.  Someone,  help me make my mind up.   Want to stay around $25-26K.  Anyone driven both?


Cheers, Trent.    

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Test drive a 2010-2013  Clio 3 200 on a twisty road before you make your decision.

You might be surprised by what you find.

Watch the videos on my website below.

I hope this helps.

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^Yep, agree, I'd definitely try a clio III 200 before making any decision, and definitely drive it on some decent twisty roads. You could get a pretty decent low k example for that money



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I've never driven a Clio III; having driven a IV and a 265 I found the 265 more fun.

I would recommend considering auto vs manual being the major differentiator. My driveway is annoying and there are some other circumstances where an auto would be easier. For myself I reckon I'd get around a track faster in a IV than my 265 due to not being able to heel toe (yet, hopefully) and my changes being relatively slow. Despite that I'd have more fun in the Megane, which is what my purchase was all about.

Probably also the 5 vs 3 door issue....

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I drove both before settling on a 265 (new). 


The 4 doors would've been preferable for me (taking kids to school, etc), but the car is also significantly smaller, especially width.


The main issue was the gearbox. The auto just didn't do it for me (and I couldn't go past the look of the 265)....

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