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Blitz RS

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Hello all,


I was lucky enough to purchase a Black RS265 Trophy+ about 6 months ago. Lucky as my dealer (McCarrolls Newcastle) sold the car as an ex-demo for an absolute steal. Ex-demo is a little misleading as the only person to have test driven it was myself, it had a staggering 6km on the clock at the time of my test drive.


Looking back, I do have a few regrets with parting with my last car (my mighty Focus RS). Both the Meg and the Focus have quite a few things in common, which was comforting, though what ultimately undid my beloved Focus were the seats. My lower back is just not what it use to be and the Recaros were not doing me any favours. The full leather ones fitted to my RS265, they are pure bliss in comparison.


I've been registered her for a while.....but I tend to lurk more than participate when it comes to forums.

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Nice purchase. It was between this car and the Focus RS for me and I'm glad with my decision.


As much as I wanted the Recaros, these leather buckets in the Trophy+ are fantastic and damn comfortable. Mine too was an ex demo driven by a Renault exec for a year so only had 9000km on it and was heavily reduced so I can relate.

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