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Hey Peeps,


Just thought I'd drop a line and get your opinions...... can of worms now open!


Im looking at a Meg 265 2010/11, a 2009 R32 of a modded XR5.


Now I've owned 2 XR5's and a Focus RS, I love these cars and buying another is not really a problem for me cause I know them so much and are virtually bullet proof. 

I've never had a R32 but have always loved them... that sound. To be honest I test drove one the other day and it doesn't have the same shove as my GTi Pirelli. I know the 32 is faster but just doesn't have the shove!

I like the Meg and know how good a car it is and having something totally different will be exciting but I'm not sure if the sound is intoxicating as the other two. The problem I'm finding is there are no used megs I can test drive via a dealer. I don't want to drive a private sale car just to get a feel for it as its just wasting their time...... unless some one here can offer me a ride haha

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Welcome Jazz.


A 2010/2011 Megane will be a 250 not a 265. The 250 Trophee is the one to get (with all the fruit) and are very well priced at the moment. The sound can be improved - cheaply with a centre-resonator removal, more expensively with a down pipe and full exhaust. It'll never match a 5-cyl Focus for noise but they can be made to sound pretty tough.


MkV R32s aren't that fast. I've been line ball in a straight line in my old Clio 182. They do sound awesome however and have nice interiors, if that's your thing.


I should add - as proven time and time again in reviews and comparisons, the Megane is superior dynamically in every way.

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You won't need to test drive one. Just buy a Megane. They are better than the competition in every performance aspect.


Test drive it each time you drive it when you own it.


r32 sound good but as mentioned are slow as!



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