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Hey Guys :) Bought A Megane Rs 275 Trophy Ly


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Hey everyone,


Finally got round to signing up on the forums! Bought my Megane RS 275 Trophy in October and im up to 8000kms already and loving every second of it. Met some really nice people through the RS love. Feels nice waving everytime u pass another RS :) Met up with a few guys already on here and spent a nice day out driving. Hopefully ill be browsing the forums a lot more now that i've finally signed up. 


Richard C







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Hi Richie, great you made it to the OPH drive day, hope to see you on the Northside again next time ther's a drive day up this way. I know you will enjoy your funtastic car to the nth degree.

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How far north did you ppls get. Thought about coming down and meeting up but decided it was time to give the car a bit of TLC with a polish. Looking good now. ( always looks good, but now better). :)



Sorry should have been in the short notice drive thread.

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