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New wants a tune!


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Good day guy,

I bought a 2013 RS 265 only 8 months ago and wanting to do a tune, just wondering if it was still to early since it only has 6000km and under warranty. if it is not to early, who do you you recommend for a tune, which stage 1 or 2 and how much have you paid for either?

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Welcome Mike! Have a look around the Meg3 section. ECU tunes are one of the most covered topics in there 8)

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Hey guys

So I finally decided to get my car tune. I took my RS265 to get a costume turbo back exhaust and a Tune in Melbourne, since doing the tune in Brisbane (Just tune) was to expensive $1600-$1700 mark on the dyno and in Melbourne 1200 max on the Dyno aswell. I will keep you guys posted on prices, tune and and new dyno specs. If everything goes well and would like to know who did my tune and exhaust just hit me up.

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ok guys so I've got my car back and I have spent $3090 for a Dyno Tune and a turbo back exhaust. Tune thanks to HP-F Melbourne since they have done RS 250s and 265s before. great service and they did a Good job.

Regarding the turbo back exhaust, I had a few issues with Dandy exhausts. They were trying to do a job I didnt ask once I already had left the car in their hands. and untill I said that I wasnt paying for something I didnt ask for is when they did the full turbo back for $1900 (down pipe and exhaust stainless steel only, not mid pipe)


Anyway the tune took me all the way to 193.7kw at the wheels with

around 400 NM of Torque

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