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New to Renault Clio IV


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G'Day All,


I've been trolling this site for 4 months now. Great source of info just a little shy in posting.


I have had a Clio IV on order since December. Waiting has been killing me. Still no idea when it will be ready as it seems to be changing all the time.


Black Sports with Black wheels.

I was originally going for white but saw a black version in showroom. Just looked meaner if you know what I mean.


Hopefully some good news soon.

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6 months is a long time to wait for a car.


Actually was ready to buy in Oct a car but waited until the Clio RS came out in Dec.


I think I drove every new car possible. It was out of the VW or Renault at the end. I just liked the sound & feel just more on the Clio.

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i wanted the fabia vrs wagon

brilliant and practical

but decided against that because they no longer made fabia vrs's now, and was too chicken of dsg issues, and was too annoyed with the possibility of engine dramas (which i found out later later in life on this forum that it is normal for your vw gti engine to eat 1L per 1,000kms as stated in manual)


u chose the right one as this time the clio gets a reliable engine.

chances are the car will break apart before the engine will lol

happy waiting

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