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Another new Renault owner..


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G'day all,


Given i've used some of the advice posted through this forum already, though I'd join in a see what else I'd learn about these cars.


Took ownership of a black GT220 last thursday, and have to say I'm loving it! It's a replacement daily driver for the better half, but i'll get to use on weekends... Probably spent cleaning & polishing knowing my line in the food chain..


Only problems thus far is the 2nd key card isn't recognised?? And the driver needs to get used to switching between a D40 Navara clutch & a tight short french clutch!


Torque steer isn't really noticable, probably because i'm used to the rally car that has real torque steer!


Anyway, hi all,



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Cheers all,


Having the choice of driving the ute or the Renault, i'm rather enjoying the effortless driving of this new car!


Live in the outer eastern burbs of Melbourne.. And aparently I'm supposedly getting a call back from renault soon??? Called today as the 2nd card key isn't recognised by the car, which isn't ideal!


The rally car is the other fun car.. Even though it has less than half the power, it's kept a few WRXs honest on the dirt!

- a friendly club giggles day... That was all about the fun factor!
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