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New owner saying hi!


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Hi all, I just got my brand new RS265. Based in Sydney, hope to meet some of you down the track 8)


What a car, feels so tight in corners.


Quick question though. I'm concerned with a clattering / clunking sound that the gearbox makes when I shift from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th and 4th to 5th. It's like a slightly metallic sound. The sound happens about half the time and is only noticeable when I have the window open. It's easily noticeable though it's not loud. I've driven manuals before but never come across this issue. Is this a problem and have you had something similar? Other than the noise and slightly tangible vibration it doesn't exhibit any problems.


Thanks for advice!

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Welcome mate!


There're a few social events in Sydney coming up. Check out the social section :wink:

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Yes the linkages are quite audible when the car is new and tight. Over time they'll loosen up and become less clicky. Least that is what I experienced. I've just hit 30,000km and I still can hear them every once in a while but a lot less prominent now that the car is well and truly run in. I wouldn't be too concerned.



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Monty, it's a Cup from mccarrolls artarmon


Danny, thanks for your thoughts on this. It's just odd to have the sound but yeah I'll give it time and hopefully it goes away. Anyone else noticed a slight rattle sound from the outside on their gear changes?


That said mate if it's an actual rattle that presents itself seperately to the action of you changing gears, that doesn't sound all that normal. If it only makes the noise as you shift and as the gear clicks into the gate, then I wouldn't worry. As always, if it concerns you that much, pop a recording up, or take it to a dealer.

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Hi Monty, and you are? Pizza night sounds awesome but next week is a hectic one at work. If not this time definitely next time


Sam, I work there. Skinny guy with grey hair and glasses.


You're more than welcome to come along to any. Just keep an eye on the pizza night thread. They're the 3rd Tuesday of the month.


If you're unsure about your gearbox just swing by. Happy to take yours for a drive and compare with our demo.



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