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New clio sport 172 owner


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Look for some cheap rims off eBay or similar


For tyres there is little point in getting second hand semis unless you get lucky and they have a decent amount of tread


Toyo 888's aren't a bad entry semi, fairly cheap and durable


The other option is that you can put some ad08r's on as road tyres and do the odd track day...... They hold up fairly well to track abuse

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Depends on who is running the track days but you may need a fire extinguisher mounted in the car, and a secondary bonnet restraint. Fire extinguishers can be had for about $25 and a secondary restraint can be easily made up with a trip the local hardware store. The 172 already comes with a tow eye which should be with the tool kit that sits in the spare wheel.


I normally take along a small air compressor and decent tyre pressure gauge (as you will likely need to adjust the tyre pressures during the day), car jack, car stands, some collapsible wheel chocks (as you don't want to put the handbrake on after you come off the track - a couple of bits of wood would also suffice), some spare oil and brake fluid, a box of tools (torque wrench/spanners/torx screwdrivers etc) that you may need, extension cord, battery charger, and also cable ties/gaffer tape etc.


A tarp is also handy to at least cover your things, especially if you aren't in a garage/carport and it rains at the track.


A Go-Pro or similar if you have it to remember the day :)

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Welcome mate.


Check the Motorsport section for track events. We don't really organise them ourselves so you'll have to tag along to an organised event or Speed off the Streets day at Wakefield 8)

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