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How to post videos...


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On the new forum the third button from the left on the reply toolbar (right next to the font dropdown), looks like a spreadsheet with a green line through it. In the dropdown box you can select YouTube and then paste the youtube url in it.


IIRC anyway

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Well... it gets the youtube embed up for sure but then the video doesn't work, odd, works fine on another bbcode-based site I am part of. one step closer I guess, I couldn't get it either so now I'm also on the 'please explain' side of things.

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This posting you tube videos puzzles me now. Yesterday i posted one with the URL only and it worked fine.

IE: *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ngp9mDVQ8N4&feature=youtu.be*

Normally you post this part only: Ngp9mDVQ8N4 using the BB code drop box, selecting youtube option.


Weird, now the link in the BB code box doesn't work...

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