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New member looking to get into a Clio RS200


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Hi everyone,


Thought I'd say hello! I've always been a fan of Renault Sports but I've stuck to German cars purely because the hype has been they're more reliable. However, I love all things French and I think it's time for me to get myself into a Renault and stop procrastinating! I'm looking for a fun/chuckable car in manual so the Phase III RS200 seems to fit the bill! I was initially looking at MX5s but they arent' the most practical and they're quite expensive even second hand. 10-12 year old cars with 100K km for similar money to a 197.


I went for a drive in an RS197 on sale at a dealer in Sydney for $14K with 45K km but it sold before I could even call the dealer back! After doing a bit more reading I think I'll go for an RS200 but obviously they command more coin. I've started looking on Carsales at some RS200s. I've not kept abreast of all the limited editions so I"m a bit perplexed with what's out there- Cup/Trophee/AGP/A&D/20th Anniverary/Red Bull etc. There's a nice 20th Anniversary in white on CSales which I've seen around my neighbourhood.


I assume there are no more standard RS200s new as the Phase IV is on its way. There are a few RBs floating around with "demo" km for high 29K, low 30K. I drove a RB gently around Hornsby a few days ago and the steering feel really is something. The car also looks great in person- initially I though it looked odd in 2D photos with the black and yellow.


Anyway, looking forward to learning a lot about these fantastique cars and contributing as I go!



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Definitely get yourself a 200, you wont regret it. unbelievable fun and very reliable, I've had a 182 Cup for 4 years, a 197 for 3 years & my current AGP200 for the last 2 years - and not a problem.

(Touch wood)

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yep.. RS200 is a specky car and although the 182 is lighter and cheaper, the 200 does everything for me including longish trips as well as track days.

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