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Hay guys just got myself a 172 what Coilovers do I get


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Depends how much cash you want to spend


I have Bilstein B14's but they probably aren't really suited to serious track work, I can definitely feel their limits


I would probably go the KTech ones developed for the 182 cup race series in the UK


For basic track work I would also get:


Camber pins

Rear sway bar

Competition engine mounts

Solid top mounts

Braided brake lines

Decent pads (ds2500 or Padgids)

Uprated brake fluid


Obviously a set of lighter rims and semis .....

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AST's! Run them on my 1.10 wakefield 182. Get them setup correctly and also get sticky rubber and next would be a diff! Try to remove some weight for free performance. Seats and harness are also nice. Unless you are going to town I would not spend anything at all on the engine except for maybe a remap.

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Do they have AST's for 172's?1


Pretty sure, they're just a bit on the pricey side. Haven't looked lately, but it would be somewhere around the $2.3k mark landed (more if you get slugged with GST etc)

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