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  1. I'm having troubles again.....
  2. Confirming 197 = meg 225 = R26 (colours vary) so grab the 197 calipers. Meg 3 (which the 2014 would be) are different. I am pretty sure the caliper centre to mounting bolt offset is different so not perfectly interchangeable over the same disc. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Cam,

    Hope you're having a good easter.

    I took Serrano out to Morgan Park Raceway last week and had sensational fun. That ca is just great.

    I changed the oil before hand but couldn't get to the filter. Do I have to unbolt the ITBs to get to it?

    1. JimiD


      Hi Cam,

      Serrano has a faulty camshaft dephaser solenoid valve. Oil is bleeding up through the sensor socket. The oil makes it over to the headers where it's a fire risk and a headache for me as the fumes get into the cabin.

      I'm hoping you or somebody else out there has a spare in good condition?




  4. Haha. Yep, just like that one!!! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  5. Great to have Tapatalk back - may even be worth it's own thread or one of those sticky announcements! One to consider before future upgrades. Thanks for persevering - I was getting a little sick of Cliosport! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks Deb (our quasi Admin!). Appreciate that you are stepping up to get this sorted. To the actual admins, if you don't have time or are not that interested anymore maybe consider letting some others take the keys - I'm sure you have put a lot in to make the forum what it is hence you're accutely aware of what it'll take to keep it on track so if you're not in a position to facilitate (which is totally fine) then please let someone else take the reigns. We saw what happened when the production of calendars became unreliable (again, not a dig as everyone has a life outside of here) but this
  7. Not to sound unappreciative and certainly don't want to disrespect those in charge but is it time to put the call out to see if anyone can help. It's a real shame to see a thriving community slowly dying. Given his background maybe a project that Adrian would be up for coordinating (apols Adrian if not!)?!
  8. Be more interesting if it was fixed.....
  9. Tapatalk broken again? Can't seem to get in.
  10. Assuming the sensors fit, othwise may need to weld some bungs in. There is a large pipe at the rear of the head then a tiny pin prick in the top of the head, against which the hole in the intake mani seals. Correct. The Clio 3 ran COP so a mani from one of them may be an option (but harder to get and I'm not 100% on the intake port shape, same for the scenic for that matter!).
  11. Haha. Yep, I bought a few phase 1 bits from the UK. As mentioned above the postage is always pricey! Happy to lend you the items and if it works you can buy (can agree a price). Even the mani could be a pain. As mentioned there is the sensors to wire plus the 172/182 Mani has a whopping breather hole which needs to seal against the rocker cover (scenic may be the same). There is also the throttle and I suspect the scenic runs coil on plug which won't fit under the rs manifold. I'm sure there is more! Pm me if you're interested (hopefully you're in Sydney).
  12. Only one way to find out! If your in Sydney I can lend you an intake manifold (not positive it will fit), injectors, ECU (not sure if anyone can "adjust" the Scenic ECU) You will probably also need the throttle (not sure if connections are the same, also Map sensor wiring to consider). I suspect the wiring/ECU will be the stumbling block.
  13. I think the difficulty is what will be compatible. Is the wiring the same. Will the UCH talk to an rs ECU. Will the rs gearbox connect with the scenic shafts (or scenic box to the rs engine and if so is it strong enough). Will the water/air con/power steering pipes meet up. Are the engine mounts and dogbone the same. Totally possible, and if you're handy at a reasonable cost, but it'll get expensive quickly if you have to pay for labour/fabrication. Could also consider a 225 conversion but speaking from experience I'd say costs would climb quickly!
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