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Hello... 20th Anniversary Clio RS


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I'm not usually a forum or club type of person, but I love my Clio so much I thought it might be worth finding other owners to discuss our love for these rare beasts.


I've owned the 20th Anniversary Clio RS 200 (#6) since July 2010, and I'm absolutely in love. It only has 36,700kms on it, as the daily driving duties are shared between it and a few other cars.


I'm a car detailer, so I obviously love keeping it in fantastic condition. The paint is protected with AMMO Skin from AMMO NYC, and is detailed weekly. I've kept the car completely stock because I don't really think it needs any modifications. I would however love to put an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust on it, but I can't find anyone that can source and fit one in Queensland (any advice would be appreciated).


If other 20th Anniversary owners would like to meet up, I would love to join in.









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Hi there,MR TUNING at Yatala will source and fit the Akropovic to your clio,mine goes on next week .will cost you $2090 fitted.

38072207 ask for Daniel Groves .That price is for the evolution system,slip on is cheaper but only a half system.




Thank you very much!!

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Welcome Julian - stunning example you have!


With only 30 20th AE versions spread around Aus, you might find it tough to have a specific meet :wink: check the social section for regular get togethers with other forum members though!

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