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RS265 8:08


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Hi All,


Had my RS265 8:08 since end of last year. A trade up from my Alfa 147. Quite a trade up as it turned out!


Love the car, but will be letting it go early as I have to move to the US with work soon :( Happy days for the dealer I will probably end up taking it back to soon. Anyone know what these go for in the US? Are they even released in the US?


Happy motoring!



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we had this discussion on here recently .. about what to buy to drive inthe USofA


the answer is not negotiable and is spelt CORVETTE .

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Sorry to hear you have to let the car go :(


I've only seen one RS in the US. On a Fiat forum some guy photographed an R26 with his Abarth, it was borrowed from an auto museum. Don't know if you would get too much interest in a right hand drive though, not when you can get a leftie from Europe.


Hot hatches are getting some attention over here so hopefully the market will improve. I can't drive the Abarth anywhere without someone stoping to ask me about it.

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No Renaults in the US. They're only just catching onto the hot hatch thing.


They have the Focus ST and Mazda 3MPS & Golf GTi, but that is about it. I believe the new Fiesta might be making an appearance there though. Doesn't really fit in the USA though.


If you want cheap thrills - Camaro - must be in yellow aka "BumbleBee". :headbang:

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