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My new Clio 172

Al S16

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Hey everyone, new to the forum just saying whats up.


Have had my great 172 for about a month and I absolutely love it, picked it up with 158,000km on the clock for a great price by Australian standards, only problems in a small split in one of the seat seams that will be fixed soon, and small key damage on the right side of the car, I have already ordered the touch up paint to sort that out.


What I plan for the car:

Blacking out the badges probably this weekend

Possible Fabia front splitter if I can cheaply source one either here in Australia or find one online where the shipping isn't outrageously expensive

Powder coat the stock rims black or get an aftermarket set of wheels

Rear muffler (possibly full system)

Lowered springs

K&N filter


Any suggestions or modification ideas is definitely welcome, share your experiences and suggestions with me...

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Welcome mate,


I had a Flame red 172 my self. What part of NSW are you in?


For a splitter if you want to opt for a cheapie option you can get one direct from skoda or I think they sell them on eBay UK also, a lot of guys on Ozrs are running them.









Sent from above..

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Welcome to OZRS! That numberplate looks familiar...

Yeah, now that you mention it, wasn't there someone named Anoosh here?


Welcome to OzRS, AI S16 :dance:

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Anyone know what size alloys the Aussie delivered 172's came with? Mine has 15's but people on Cliosport dot net are saying that they came with 16's. Was that the case in Britain and not in Australia, just looking for someone who can shed some light on this situation.



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Correct - Australasian market 172s came fitted with 15s, and Europe got the same design in 16s. IMO they look a lot tougher on 16s, even though the wheel's design is the same. I believe there's at least one member here who has bought a set of the 16s from a UK seller - can't recall who, but I think it was someone in QLD

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