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Another Inner Westie


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Hey there :mrgreen:

I've recently joined the ranks and absolutely loving my Meg 225. I bought it off Chris. :)
Pics and other details here:

Then I bought some Bebop wheels off Dave:
But sadly he's selling his Clio now :(

The next plan is to get a Quaife LSD when the clutch goes so I have this insane desire for it to crap itself. :twisted:

I live in Croydon and my GF lives in Drummoyne so I enjoy the short but fun squirt along Henley Marine Drive. 8)

Anyway, I hope to catch you guys out n about sometime soon!

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Hey pricey, good to see you've kept your wheels. I think firmer suspension would be perfect for the track but for Sydney roads I'm worried that firmer suspension would translate to less tyre contact on the road when driving on uneven surfaces in a spiritted way. I know that firmer suspension would reduce some of the wheelspin too but I think the Quaife LSD would be ideal.


Hey Jeffster, I'll keep my eye out for you. You're in a Clio, right?

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Hey Jeffster, I'll keep my eye out for you. You're in a Clio, right?


Yeah mate a blue 172 Cup (GiGi) she and I are near Birkenhead hope to see you around :headbang:


Sounds like Amelie and GiGi would like to meet :lol:


Yes they can have some cheese and red wine and listen to Edith Pilath :)


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