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New Member - SYD - Megane II X84 Sport 225


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Hey fellas! I'm in the process of selling my Ford FG XR6 Turbo & I'm 95% sure I will be purchasing a Megane II X84 Sport 225 this week or the next & just thought I would get ahead of myself & sign up with the forum for some friendly advice & to join the gang. While I'm here, can you guys tell me what you think about this Megane that is on CarSales & what I should look out for while inspecting? The vehicle has been advertised for 6+ months so I'm a bit worried about it. Many Thanks! :D



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Welcome mate. Nice car you are selling too. :)


The car u have linked is an early Ph1 225. Later the Cup version was released with improved steering , brakes and suspension.

Do a search and you should find a more detailed explanation.


The service history looks good, Paul V is highly regarded here for servicing I believe.

Price may be a little high for a non cup, but that's subjective.


I suggest you drive a Cup and this one and compare.

Enjoy the hunt!

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Thanks for the prompt responses guys. I was sure the car was advertised for a while. Looks like the post says it's been advertised since July 2012. Are these car's or brand of car's hard to sell due to Renault's reputation in the early years or is the market just terrible?


Any info on what to look out for when purchasing a second hand Megane would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!

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