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Suggestion ?


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Hi guys,


I forget who the admins are that are responsible for the layout here etc... (Dish?)


I thought it may be a bit easier to have the Social Events broken down state by state, similar to how Sightings has been done.


I've found that the Sightings is very easy to keep up to date with as I have that topic saved in my Tapatalk app. I rarely use my computer to visit the forums. I thought perhaps it would be the same if Social was to be broken down too.


Anyone else feel the same?



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Usually, in the social section, title of the thread has the state in it eg [Vic] or [NSW].


The sightings have one thread per state - is this what you are suggesting?


There's a whole new forum in the works behind the scenes so we will take note of any suggestions and see if we can work them in.



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hmmm... will be trickier to implement, but I understand where you're coming from.


It's not so important for Sightings, but often we get two or more state drive day threads that cover dates close to one another. If combined into the one thread (per state) we'd easily get confusion being generated by people replying in regard to one drive day and not the others etc... so best to keep them apart IMO. Alternative is to have different sections by state, with individual events having their unique threads.

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