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Clio Cup Sport No. 18


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Hi Everyone.


I have recently inherited a 2001 Renault Clio Cup Sport X65 (No.18/85) and am looking for some help/info.


I need to move the car on soon and would like to fix up a couple of cosmetic things before putting it on the market.

Is there a good online resource to source part no's, and/or a factory service manual? I have these sorts of resources

and perform a lot of work on my own Subaru's, but the Renault is a bit new to me.


Specifically I am looking for things like the rubber seal along the front edge of the engine compartment and the little

cover flap that sits over the oil filler cap. Things like this.


Also is there a fill/check point for the gearbox oil level?

4th is getting a bit notchy and I am thinking about putting some Redline lightweight shockproof gearoil in there.


I can source parts from the UK through family there if I cannot locate them here, but like to be sure I am order the correct parts.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Welcome 8)


What's the bet that once you drive it a few times you won't want to sell it? :wink:


Plenty of info to be had in the Clio II section. If you aren't able to source parts easily in WA, a member in QLD by the name of Wolf services our membership base.


All the best in getting it ship shape again. What colour is it BTW?

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It is silver.

Hopefully I will clean it up this weekend and i'll post some pictures.


I have been driving it plenty as a daily for the last 6 months, unfortunately I have serious lower back issues which affect my left leg, and the heavy clutch is killing me.


It would be nice to keep it, but I already have a track car, so need something more suited to being a daily that I can also pop the kids into.

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Welcome David from a fellow ph1 owner!


Your local Renault dealer should be able to provide you with correct part numbers (just note down your VIN # cause they'll most likely ask). It will be worth finding out if the parts are common with ph2 Clios as they're easier to find from wreckers and such (the rubber seal may be the case). There are Clios advertised in the For Sale section which are sold as parts - I got a seal for the hatch for next to nothing.


And as Dish said, there's always Wolf for new parts from aboard. Good luck with the car.

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Heavy clutch on earlier cars is pretty common. You can replace the cable with a new later model cable (the 172 cable supercedes to the better designed 182 part) and you might find life a lot easier. Keep the car.

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