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New from ACT


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Just though a quick Hi from the ACT.


Looking at purchasing as Megane 225 Sport (although have test driven a 265 and boy are they awesome!) and this forum has already been a great help in what to look for when inspecting these cars, so thanks everyone!

I'm planning on inspecting this vehicle on the weekend http://www.carsales.com.au/private/deta ... ock&items=[Make]&sort=default

definitaly just a sport model and not an F1! and it's due for it's 60K service too.

I received a quote for a 60K service from the renault dealer here in Canberra, however it didn't include belts. Is this usually seperate from the service?


Anyways, looking forward to learning more about these great cars!

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Thanks nemz and griffyn.


I have seen a bit of discussion on that car in the carsales f/s thread.

I'd be keen to hear from anyone with renault know how that may have already inspected the vehicle.

The kerbed wheels don't fuss me too much. The long term plan would be to repair and have them painted/powder coated to cloesly match F1 anthracite coloured wheels.

Hopefully the 'service records' will give a greater indication on whether the car is a good buy or not.



Hey mate - French car day is on at the Telopea Park School Fête on November 3rd from 2.30-7.00pm. Should be a few RenaultSports and owners on hand if you'd like to chat.


French car day sounds good. Thanks for the heads up

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