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Greetings from Melbourne


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Hi All,


Thought I'd introduced myself here but a quick search suggests not - sorry about that!


Have had my silver 225 for about 6 months now and loving it. So smooth compared with my old Pulsar GTi-R and MR2! Even better with new tyres (see post in Megane II technical tyre thread)!


Just had 120k service done a bit early, up for new front brakes, but found good source online so not as much of a sting on the wallet as I feared.


Wish I could have made the nationals, but can't get away for more than a day as easily as I used to. Oh well.








PS Excuse the noob question, but anyone got hints on posting images? The picasa direct links I'm trying to use don't seem to show up....

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Welcome Adam 8)


There's a thread on how to host images in the FAQ section (I'm on my phone so can't add the link here).

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Hmm thanks all - picasa requires a bit of fiddling but think I've cracked it :)


Anyhoo, I have just one thing that's bugging me (actually kinda driving me nuts) about the car - there's a bit of vibration around 3k rpm, and the driver's door rattles like an angry wasp every time I pass through it. It's a bit less noticeable with the window down, but that could just be wind noise drowning it out.


I've checked the obvious candidates - loose trim, worn engine mounts (they are a bit soft, but not ready for replacement just yet) etc.


Has anyone else had this problem and solved it? Only solution I can see so far in the technical section is using silicone spray, but I wouldn't know where to spray it (do I need to take the door card off?).

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