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CLIO IV discussion?


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Now that it is a reality, is it time to open a CLIO IV thread and possibly a 265 one as well?

I'm not so sure a 265 one is needed considering the closeness to the 250. However the CLIO IV is a whole new platform coming soon to a dealer near us. :wink:

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Ray, there's already a Clio 4 thread. Do you mean 'section/area'?


And you're correct about the 265 - it's not an all new model so doesn't get it's own section. All 265 chat goes in the Megane 3 area. 8)

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Yes, Alex. I do mean a new start point for CLIO IV discussions but of course there is no urgency for it.

I expect that once there is a place for them the current discussions can be moved there as a starter thread.

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