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Clio Sport 172


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Hi Guys


Signed up a while ago but only starting to post now.


Ive owned a Clio Sport 172 for about 2 years now. I Love it, had some great times and some not so great. It was nicked from my house and Joy ridden, Police caught them driving it ( Like to think cos of its rarity). Anyway got it back all fixed up and still enjoy owning it.


Car has about 170ks on it but still going great (probably helps I dont drive it too far very often). Looking to do some subtle mods like air filter and maybe an exhaust so any tips would be appreciated


Pretty sure my aircon has gone again. Pumps fine but not very cold (Cost $400 last time). So any tips on this would be great. I am located in Perth





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Belated welcome to the fold! I believe it's odd to hear of stolen Clios, but it's good to hear that it's fixed and you can enjoy it.


Sorry I can't help with the tips very much. My understanding is that the stock airbox is probably the most efficient solution, but that alternatives (such as the BMC carbon box I have) make a nicer induction noise.

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Welcome Stuart! Shame to hear that your car got stolen but happy to hear it's back in one piece.


Must've been a smart crim to know what the RS Clio is! :wink:

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Pretty sure my aircon has gone again. Pumps fine but not very cold (Cost $400 last time). So any tips on this would be great.

Hi Stuart, welcome to the forum. As for the aircon, probably need to check if there is a leak (seems to be common on the tx/high pressure valve on Ph II Clios). A specialist aircon shop should be able to either use an electronic aircon leak detector or regas with items that show leaks under ultraviolet light (~$90) and then work it out from there. what needs to be done.

Best of luck, good to hear you're still enjoying the little beast.

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My aircon was simply the TX valve (bit near where pipes go from engine bay into the cabin) and that was just a seal. $5 part, but $200 to fix, including regas. Did they put dye in last time it was fixed and regassed? If so - finding the leak an getting it fixed should be much easier (at least knowing where to look!!).


Standard Airbox is good - only suggesting is to get new filters. No gains going anything else really. (Unless you go all the way to ITB, which is very big change).


Exhaust - whatever you want you can get really - though not all would be "legal" for how loud they are. Some people like to change the final muffler to one with tips showing. Others (like myself) prefer to keep the "stealth" look.

You can look on UK sites for a variety of "brand" after market exhaust upgrades, which are all quite pricey.

I went to a local (Adelaide) exhaust place and go a mandrel bent cat-back system made with new centre and rear boxes from Lukey (aussie brand). Sounds good, and only cost $450. I would have paid at least double that just to get one shipped from the UK, before it was installed.

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Thanks for the welcome


Dont think the thief knew much about the car, the actually broke into my house and stole the car from the garage with the keys. I bet he enjoyed the drive though lol


The aircon had a leak last time, maybe Im just unlucky and its happened again. Will take it to a specialist to find out if I cant see whats wrong with it from having a quick look


Marvel do you have any photos of your exhaust? sounds very interesting

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Hi Reece,

Welcome aboard. Feel free to go on my site and send any enquiries for OEM parts. Happy to help where i can.

Best airbox mod nowadays (since they stopped making the V6 airbox) is to get the PH1 airbox and go from there.

Much cheaper than ITB and does the same job.



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