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RS197 in Wellington, NZ


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Hi all


Hope it's okay for a kiwi to join ozRenaultSport? Oh well I guess it's too late now anyway :lol:


I've got a '06 Albi Blue RS197 (UK import) in Wellington NZ. A lovely little beastie!



Looking forward to all the news and getting up to speed with the happenings.






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Welcome mate, glad you made it across from cs197!


Don't forget Wolf on here is your man for cheap, new parts 8)

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No worries.


There's a keen member on here, Apex, who's on your side of the Tasman and has 2 RS Meganes. I'm sure he'll be along here soon.

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Hi Apex


ta for the welcome - I'm sure I've spied your Megane as we live in rural Upper Hutt - our part of the valley has been a Targa stage for the past few years and always make sure we're home that day!!! I feel a bit spoilt getting to drive the fun bits through the valley hills each day on my way to work. :lol: It's just being greeted by cows around the corners that's a problem...

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