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Potential New RS 250 Owner


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Hi All,


I am trying to work out whether to buy a RS250 at the moment, I ordered a R26 back in 07 but between order and delivery my trade got hit and Mentone would not trade it after it was repaired so never took delivery.

Anywho I am up for a new car again and decided to take a RS 250 for a drive yesterday and had a ball but I have a few lingering doubts so here are a few questions, please forgive me if these answers are in the forum somewhere but I tried to find them.

1. What can I expect to pay for servicing?

2. I understand the stereo in average at best, is the 30wx4 system in the Trophee any better than the 15x4 in the Cup or is there no real difference? (I spend lots of time in traffic and in the car in general and surprisingly stereo's have become important)

3. Is the cup a better proposition than a Trophee for everyday driving (35,000kms a year)

4. What is Berwick like for sales and service? Anyone recommend a better place to buy or get one serviced?

I am no stranger to Renaults (growing up dad had a 12, 20ts and a 25 when I was growing up) and I have owned many a Euro Car 4 x Range Rovers, 1 x Alfa, 2 x Volvo's, 2 x BMW's, 5 x Mercedes and I sell Euro trucks for a job.

Once again I am sorry if these questions have been answered but I am not very skilled in forum searching.

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Howdy there, and welcome to our little corner of the interweb :)


Servicing shouldn't be too exxy, but there are three different regimens, A, B & C. The following is for the 182:


Each is done on the first of 6 months or 10,000 Ks.


An A-service is first up, and due every second after that. Cheap as chips, as it's an oil change, oil filter and a look over everything else.


B-service is due alternating every other time, and is the same, but with a more thorough check-over of the car and suspension components.


C-service is due every three years or 60,000 and is bigger again, with more checks.



In addition, there are specific intervals for Plugs, Air filter and Fuel Filter.

Clio II - 100,000 - 20,000 - 60,000

Megane II Turbo - 60,000 - 30,000 - 60,000


*Note to self, my spark plugs are due soon. :lol:

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My 10,000km service cost $250 at Virage South Melbourne (would probably have cost another $100 at a dealer).


Most expensive consumable seems to be tyres. The RS250 eats them. I'm probably going to get 20,000km from a set and I really don't drive it that hard all the time. This is why, even if you take the the Trophee option it may be worth considering going with the Cup's 18" wheels (a no-cost option on the Trophee). Australian retail price (if you are silly enough not to import them) for replacement 19" Conti 5P's is $800 each!!! You need to rotate them every 5000kms.


I'm sure that the Trophee's ICE is better than the Cup's but the Trophee's ICE is still pretty crappy. Renault really should provide a higher spec, even if it's an option. I'd have gladly paid another $1-2K for decent ICE. The Trophee's ICE is just tolerable.

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Welcome HPR50...


Is the cup a better proposition than a Trophee for everyday driving (35,000kms a year)


The Cup and Trophee have identical mechanicals and suspension. However, the Trophee has 19 inch wheels with 35 profile tyres as standard, whereas the Cup has 18 inch wheels with 40 profile tyres as standard. The Cup's wheels and tyres will be more compliant on rougher roads, and some say they handle better too. The good news is that the Cup's 18 inch wheels and tyres are a no cost option on the Trophee. I got them on my Trophee for these reasons, and also because they look better on a black RS250 (to me at least) and are also easier to clean than the 19 inch wheels.


The stereo in the Trophee isn't great, but tolerable (as RBH said). I never tried the one in the Cup, so can't compare.


Good luck with you decision making.

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