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would like to see threads listed by date, stickys elsewhere


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Hi Guys


I like to log into the forum daily at work but always find i'm opening old threads from years ago for no reason, now i always browse the site looking at the last posted date and would love to see stickys on a different level not mixed with newly updated threads.





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If you go to 'View Active Topics' it comes up with a list from all sections of only the most recent threads and posts.

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My threads appear in the following order: Announcements [break] Stickies, threads, and always in that order.


Would you prefer to see the stickies bundled up with the announcements?


On that note, if there's something you think would be better no longer stickified, drop one of the Mod/Admin team a PM and we'll take a look. We're here so often we tend to filter out stuff that's been there for too long :)

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