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  1. Interested in the 2 new rear rotors but need them shipped to Melbourne, whats the best price you can do? 

    1. SiMonster


      I’m still awaiting another member to get back to me but if he stalls further I’m happy to do flat $100 (I’ll cover shipping..).  Now you saw on the ad that you still need to get the bearings from eBay or wherever;unless you reuse your existing ones if they are on (press out/in).

  2. Hi Dan

    Still interested in seeing the car let me know asap when we can arrange a time on 0401 253 988





  3. Hey Dan 

    Can I come see the car tonight? please sms me ideally on 0401 253 988




  4. 403 Forbidden Access is forbidden to the requested page: /bb/posting.php?sid=99dbd3de0ed9a92e880655ecd9ac6329 (port 80) Please forward this error screen to www.ozrenaultsport.com's WebMaster. I really wanted to post this in the pics of the day:
  5. tried that but it shows you all active threads where I would like to view the latest threads in each section at the top of page. as i dont really care for new clios or meganes
  6. Hi Guys I like to log into the forum daily at work but always find i'm opening old threads from years ago for no reason, now i always browse the site looking at the last posted date and would love to see stickys on a different level not mixed with newly updated threads. cheers David
  7. dont ask a dealer if the clutch is hydraulic cause they had no idea and were so surprised that my 172 wasnt
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