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New member - rs250 Monaco


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Hi all new to the boards, looks like a great forum!... very happy owner of an rs250 Monaco. Still loving it. Previously had a Citroen and prior to that a tt. This is definitely my fav of all of them to drive! Had been looking at these for a while but it always bugged me that we had a limited choice of options, specifically liked the glass roof. So once the Monaco was released I took the plunge. Always looking for an excuse to drive it,


My only gripe is excessive brake squeeling in normal day to day driving. Under light pressure... Any suggestions ??

I'm pretty happy that so far this is the only real gripe.




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A few hard stomps on the brakes should help.


Oh, and pics please 8)

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Welcome welcome! Great to have a Monaco owner present.


Yes, pics PLEASE - haven't seen any around my way!


Consistent opinion is that there's no other remedy for squealing brakes than hard application. Seems like an inbuilt incentive to drive harder to me (as if we need one!) :twisted:




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Welcome, great car!


Due to the performance nature of the brakes the squeal will always be there. The compromise for good brakes unfortunately. You get used to it and if people ask you get to tell them all the fastest cars in the world do it.

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