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Queenslander - 04 Sport


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Hey guys - just bought a black 04 sport. Looking to start tweaking it with a few little go fast bits, mostly handling stuff!

Any suggestions/recommendations for good suppliers in aus would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome aboard QLDer... whereabouts in this fine state do you reside?

Give me a call and i can help or point you in the right direction for bits to go-go.

Pics when you can, and see you around the streets perhaps.



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Am in Bundy wolf. Good Steal walkie! :D


Pick it up tomorrow night from brissy, then drive it home saturday morning! Will give me a good chance to get a feel for the car.


From what people are saying there's not much power gain to be had out of basic modifications - so will probably be looking more to get the most out of the handling & driveability sides of things.


Revised plan is:

Suspension - still unsure if I'll go coilovers or upgraided springs/shocks

Camber bolts seem to be a must - but I often don't like playing with things I'm not familliar with

Sway bars

Rear brakes have been rebuilt, so will look at front brake disks/pads too.


Then if I start to play with power I can at least stop/turn it!


Looks wise - still have my intentions of a front splitter and rear cup spoiler. am considering the carbon fibre ones from K-tech in the UK... cost a truckload more than the skoda splitter, but they just don't appeal to me!

Am looking at the Angel eye headlights, black tail lights and smoked side indicators too - but will wait and see how it looks in the flesh before I think too far about visual mods.


Thanks for the warm welcome guys - seems like a good forum!

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Renepogel, I will be selling my Eibach Sportline springs (search on Cliosport - they are the defacto aftermarket spring for Clio's) if you are interested. I'll be upgrading to coilovers as I'm starting to track it more.


I also have some camber bolts for sale (don't need with coilovers).


Looks wise you should look at a Skoda splitter (cliosport it) because they are cheap and look the business. Much cheaper then a proper Clio/KTEC splitter.

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Domlebo - will have a look on there mate. They are what I had in mind at first - will have to keep me posted on how the coils go.

Did you use aftermarket shocks? or stock ones? Will consider Koni shocks to keep it all nice and tight underneath.


Wolf - Will probably go back to the original mags - again, will see how it drives and looks with both.

And I'm no Seb Vettel, but have grown up with plenty of property, and done plenty of silly things in cars/on bikes away from civilisation and other people, so I know my limitations and have got most of that outta my system! Plus I know when I play GT5 that stopping and turning will take more off my lap times than a few HP :D

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The most popular and cost effective step i've seen with my clients is

OEM shocks with Eibach Springs.

Then they start playing... some find themselves moving up from there.

Hell, some coilover drivers end up going BACK to the setup above.

Just thought this might help.



ps: save up and get a quaife LSD ...heheh.

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Will it make much difference? 900 quid - so 2 grand by the time I get it here, plus fitting (as an estimate)

If it is better than spending 2 grand on other things I might go that way :D


An LSD will make the most difference of any mod... when you're talking lap times.


It depends what the "difference" is that you're after - lap times, drivability, aesthetics etc etc.


IMO not overly necessary on a road car, though if a car already had one, I'd pick it over a non-LSD


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No Tracking, no real need for LSD... was just dangling carrots.

Suspension, exhaust (if you want some sound)...but most of all, maintainence. THAT is key.



ps: oh, and some sticky sticky tyres.

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Holy crap! I love this thing :D


Tyres are nice and sticky - could easily push it through corners with the yellow 40km/hr signs at 80. The thing just doesn't flinch at twisty roads!


Am suspicious it has sportier springs in it already, and the previous owner didn't know - as it's got a green cotton air filter too which wasn't mentioned.


Seats are great - far better than my merc

uses less fuel than the merc

lighter, with more power

cheaper to maintain and insure


There is absolutely no disadvantages (for me) to this car. Don't know why I didn't get one earlier...


Only problem so far is my dad wants to steal it - he's always been a renault fan!

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