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My RSM 225 cup


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Hey all,


So it's time I updated everyone on my situation!


So I joined this forum approximately 2 years ago now, when I bought my brothers Renault Clio 172 off of him, about 5 months ago I sold the weeee beasty! As it was time for me to upgrade because I got my full license and am now allowed to drive turbo! Fun times! So after contemplating buying a few different car which included 200sx spec s, a newer clio(197 was in my price range), and 350z as well as the meganes. After tear driving all the vehicles I kept on goin back to the megane as it just provided the whole package, fuel economy, luxury, and reliability, but most of all it put the biggest smile on face which is why I decided to go for a 225cup model, I chose that because I will be using it everyday, and I highly doubt I'll be goin on many track days, if any! And I like leather :)


Approximately 2 months ago, I bought my RSM from a chap in Victoria, he was very sad to see it go! But he made me very happy :) so I brought it back up from Victoria and it has been great I am so satisfied with it! It is a beautiful! Hopefully you will all meet her at a meet sometime soon!




I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-33.745356,150.878353

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