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  1. sierram

    Hello All

    That was GXT in the RSC200.
  2. Brings back joyous memories of my first 225. Maybe it is my first 225. Nah, mine was a Ph1. Enjoy MikeyRed.
  3. sierram

    My RSM 225 cup

    Glad you're enjoying her. They are one of the best kept motoring secrets. A real wolf in sheep's clothing.
  4. so you were in the grey 250? That thing in my hand was a camera. Yes I was. It was fun trying to keep up with you. Hope you got some good pics.
  5. sierram

    Hey There

    Welcome Rob, from one Lunar grey owner to another. I too had the break squeal. But after three days of hard charging at the Nationals it appears to have gone. I'll let you know if it comes back after a few days in Melbourne's traffic.
  6. Welcome Johnny. You had a great ride. What were you holding onto as you whipped around the corners? Scott (my passenger) was gripping his seat very tightly as we tried to keep up with you on Saturday.
  7. Welcome aboard. Hope to see you at the Nationals.
  8. sierram

    My new RS

    Yeah, Sebastian sold me my RSM. He was really insistant that I book a pick up time when he would be available, and he spent a good 2 hours with me. Did they have their dressed up Clio yet. He told me that they were going to get an F1 theme painted on one of the Clio demo's they had there.
  9. sierram

    My new RS

    Welcome benst. I bought my 225 from Oakleigh. Do you recall the salesman's name? I found them to be a very helpful team. I knew my 225 was going to be fast, as it already has a police record. The team there had collected 3 speeding fines in it while using it as a demo!
  10. Picked up my silver 225 last Thursday from Oakleigh Euro. Gave it a great trial driving up to Bendigo on Friday. Five passengers, lots of luggage and the A/C on all the way. Set the cruise on 114, and she just purred all the way. Was so pleased when it pulled up all the hills with the cruise on in 6th without seeming to struggle. The return trip was more exciting as an extreme storm ripped through the Bendigo - Malden area, dumping inches of rain and very high winds, i was dodging falling branches feeling very secure on the road, till I had to stop when the highway was completely blocked by a large gum tree. I am burying myself in all the related web links I can find, and will be doing stereo upgrade as soon as possible. Also looking at the popular remapping options and blow-off valves. What is the general consensus on the standard air intake. Is it typically swapped for a K&N pod or some sort of improved cold air intake system? I haven't had this much fun since I sold my Cosworth Sierra. Viva La France!
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