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another newb from Perth


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Hi everyone


I'm a newb from Perth looking at buying an RS225. I have some questions about them and just want to know the main differences between cup and non-cup models. From what i gather it's suspension components, namely dampers and sway bars? Is it worth paying the extra money for a cup version? I think i will end up changing sways and suspension myself anyway as i plan on doing some light track work such as no-limits and possibly some MC motorsport tuning afternoons or time attack events.


I have looked into VW Golf GTI and xr5t but they are fairly common around Perth and I actually quite like the rear end of the Megane.


Here are some examples i have in mind:


2004 rs225


2005 rs225


2006 rs225 cup


Which models came with projector/xenon lights? I would really like these, but if i can't get them standard on the car is there a DIY retrofit or are they fairly commmon at wreckers etc?


I look forward to hearing some peoples opinions and any information that can help me.




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Here here, the Cup is well worth it over the other 2 options. IMO the normal 225 was a bit "soft". This is evident in the fact RS dont even bother importing non Cup versions here any more. $20k on the 225 Cup is a little high also. I sold mine for $21k a little over 2 years ago with similar km's and a high end stereo to boot. Get the 225 Cup for $15-17k and I reckon you cant go wrong. Even better if you can stretch to $19-23k find yourself a nice R26 in the East and bring one over. You wont have to search much on this forum to see how damn good they are! Good luck in the search in any case, hopefully we see you along on our next drive day.





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Welcome Martin, best of luck with the search. Will be great if you get one and decide to do any trackwork as you suggest, loving the reaction I am getting at local events. "What is it" "A Renault Megane" "oh"


I would only add, that the black 2005 you have provided a link to on carsales *I think* has been listed for sale for months! Probably because it is a non-cup, but not sure if there is something else about it.

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Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. I also forgot to mention that i want a 5 door for convenience as i carry mates around from time to time and also need the space for golf/cricket/hockey bags etc.


Sounds like the 225 Cup is the one for me though. Will be on the hunt very soon (once exams are over) and i am done with uni forever.




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