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Clioless newb....


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Hi, newb Queenslander here!


I've been looking for a RS197 for a while now and there seems to be a lot more choice and at a more reasonable cost in the southern states. Considering the cost of flying down and driving back up 'could' be as cheap as just buying one here and without the wait of the right one coming up I'm wondering if anyone know what the particulars of purchasing interstate are? Has anyone here done it and is it worth the effort?


PS: Great site... Been trawling through this brilliant knowledge base for the past month :news:




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Hi eddy!


The drive is quite long, having done it in both directions from Melbourne, but do-able comfortably in two days. Two and a half if you really take it easy and stop to look at things on the way. Provided the car is sound and the paperwork straight, it shouldn't take too much more effort than buying a local one and doing it all yourself anyway (I suspect).

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Hey griffyn, Thanks yeah I'd be going by my self. The only real issue I see is after making the effort to go down the car is not as advertised and the maybe the astronomical cost of the cab ride if it's far from the airport. I'm eager to get a RS but I'm prepared to wait for the right one.

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Hi Eddy,

You may be able to post what cars you're looking at and see if anyone on here is anywhere close - do a pop in.

Guys and gals on this forum have been most helpful, and would be a could way to start.

I've done it once, but truth be told got a little lucky as the seller was fantastic and helped out with the back and forth paper work.

Shipped it up, got safety certificate in a blink, and then registered.

Get a NRMA inspection if your keen before going down.



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I bought my 172 from Skidnee. after two weeks of conversation, research and photos I was pretty certain I wanted to buy it.

Flew down, seller picked me up from the airport saturday morning, I drove back Saturday + Sunday.

Seller had all the transfer documents (pink slips and green slips and all that gear) ready to go and I had checked it all out on the rta + qld transport websites, had the REVS + transfer documents ready to go.


There were a few catches I wasn't expecting:

- After midday Saturday, there's only a handful of banks open to bank my cheque, almost didn't make it by close! ( I had a cheque for say 80% of asking price if something was wrong and cash to make it up)


- Qld Transport / RTA claim you can refund the rego + insurance once you've handed in the plates and sent multiple forms back to NSW. In fact those departments have no interest in giving you money back, after 3 months of haranging the RTA gave me back $86 and put incorrect information on the form I had to give to the CTP insurer. It may be much easier for the seller to get the refund on the rego and you ask for say a 50% discount on the rego refund (let them keep 50% as an incentive to do it!! )

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