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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm on the lookout for a new car (well new to me at least) and I've narrowed it down to a shortlist of about 4-5 cars. That shortlist includes the Clio 182 Cup and Megane 225 Cup, so I'm hoping to get a sense of the community here as well as learning a bit more about the cars.

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Right. Back with full belly :D


The 182 Cup is the best version of the Clio II (well, the most evolved available here), where the 225 cup was superseeded by the R26.


I moved from a 182 Cup to the 225 Cup, and they're completely different animals. Best to drive them both and decide what's going to suit you better.


Both have ESP, loads of airbags, cruise & speed limiter, athermic windscreens, climate control and partial leather.


225 has that a*** where the Clio slips under the radar better. 225 is more composed on the highway and open, flowing corners, where the Clio is nigh on unbeatable in 2nd gear hairpins. Clio will provide more grins/litre of fuel overall.

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Thanks for the input. I've been leaning more toward the Clio (out of the Renaults) as it seems a bit more focused and more importantly it suits the budget better!


I sold my old Mazda daily a bit over a month ago as it was no longer used or needed as a daily. I still want a car but I just want something fun to drive on the weekends. Practicality isn't an issue, nor are seating requirements. 


Key criteria are:


- Good drivers car

- max of around $15k, less preferable (for a few mods)

- cheap to run/insure


There are other considerations but these are the fundamentals. With that in mind I've been drawn to the MX5 (NB series 2, NB8B), and the Clio cup.


I know you guys might be a bit biased, but are there any others you can think of that I should throw into the mix to consider?

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Welcome, hope you end up with an RSC, and biased we may be, but even when i was looking for something different (3 times), i kept coming bakc to the Clio.

Maintainence is KEY, regular service, no skimping etc, but such bang/fun for your buck.

182 cup are the boss, but absolutely nothing wrong with a well looked after 172 - which can save you a pretty penny.



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I've noticed your shortlist is 4-5 models and that 2 of them are RS's. Practicality is important and maybe the Clio is your choice based on pricing. I picked out a Megane when it a choice between the 2 mainly because the Clio was too small for my overall use and flexibility. I'm sure either choice would've been a great choice no matter what i picked. I too left the Mazda stable for a change to come over to the Renault's and it was definitely one of my best automotive decisions I've made. You'll certainly have a fun drive with any RS model.


You'll find not just Renault owners on this forum, there are quite a few owners of other automobile marques frequenting the OzRS forums. The guys here are not bigots by anymeans so I hope you'll find us a great resource and friendly to talk with. Out of interest what were the other car models also in your short list? Maybe we could also give advise based on previous ownership or experience.

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Thanks for the welcome and advice everyone.


The shortlist at this stage is: 

- MX5 NB8B 

- MX5 NB SE (stretching the budget)

- MX5 NC  (stretching the budget)

- RS Clio 182 Cup

- RS Megane 225 Cup  (stretching the budget)

- Mini Cooper S R53


I'm open to other suggestions too in case I've not considered something comparable. The main aim is just for something to get me around and enjoy doing so, as well as something that's fun to take for a drive just for the sake of it. Practicality isn't an issue. I live next to the train station to get to work during the week. For longer trips or when I've got to carry a larger load we'd take my girlfriends SP23. 


The only thing I need to carry around is my cricket kit in summer or a set of golf clubs on rare occasions. Everything else I can manage with. 

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Here's a few more 'fun' cars in that budget range:

-pug 206 gti 180

-honda integra type-r (dc2)

-toyota mr2 (mk i or II - don't get the newer auto spyder)

-toyota celica (> 2001)

-nissan 200sx


not sure how cheap they would be to insure though for you...


agree with mx-5, it's fun to drive but unless you're a gun driver, better pull to the side when you get a 182 Cup in your back :wink:

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I've been through most of those suggestions already and crossed them off already for various reasons, such as being too old, too expensive to insure for a car that gets minimal use, having an image I don't like (WRXs and 200SX) or just not being as good a proposition as the MX5 or Clio Cup.


I really appreciate the input. I just wanted to confirm that I hadn't 'missed' anything and that my final shortlist really is the 182 Cup and the MX5. As I said earlier, I don't need a car during the week and it's really just something to satisfy my enjoyment of driving on the weekends, so I can be content in just sitting back and waiting for the right car to come along, watching Carsales and forums religiously as I've done for the last 6 months.

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The final shortlist is a good one. I would've been very happy to go either the 182 or an MX-5 as a weekend drivers car. But fun to drive but for different reasons. I've owned a lot of Mazdas over the years and they are genuinely a solid japanese car manufacturer. Adding to the car garage of vehicles that I have owned/driven are cars like the RX7 FC and a MX-5, the later has remarkable handling and zippy on the roads. My new love now is a Renault for my different reasons, an everday car and also my spurty weekend cruiser with touch more sport than luxury from the mazdas. Whatever you choose, may you enjoy the fun of it all.

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Here's a light hearted look at your choices:


mx-5 - easier and cheaper for parts. great handling in the dry, not so easy to throttle control in the wet if you're really going for it. horse and rider are one. only fit a anorexic 19 year swedish backpacker and a case of beer. hairdressers will run out of their shops and give you the thumbs up.

182 Cup - fantastic steer and handling, great torque to weight ratio for a NA, can fit an additional 4 jessica alba's and and all their lingerie and make up for a dirty weekend. only ozrenaultsport guys and gals will give you the thumbs up.

Meg225 - it's turbo so easier to extract more power and straight line, well sorted heavier chassis, can fit an additional 4 kirsty alley's and all the weight watchers food they have to cart around for a 'let's only be friends' weekend. only brendans225 (this forum's de facto stalker) will give you the thumbs up.


Hope to see you in an RS soon! if not, an mx-5 is still an enjoyable drive.

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Twenty years old and 300k FMD


they were a good car once but $11k ???


Hmmm, I didn't notice the k's. So maybe not that one then. But good ones do hold their value ($11k not unusual) and are good fun to drive, especially if you like a tail happy car. Classic Throttle Shop have a nice one but unfortunately it's an automatic.

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