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Clio 172 newbie

Ron Rundle

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Hi all

first appreciated the virtues of a Clio when driving a turbo diesel around France. Have an R4L as a "toy" because we didn't need two cars as I could walk or ride the bicycle to work. When my employer decided to up stumps, I had to buy another car.

Hmmm, what to buy? The only car I was moderately interested in was a Renault, and because I didn't need a big car, let's look at a Clio. Drove a few nanna models, trying to be practical, but the sport "GOT THE GIG".

I think the the little guy has had a hard life, as the cosmetics and lack of service history attest, but for the price I paid it is still quite good and will be spruced up as time affords. Was serviced and roadworthied prior to sale, but I'm having the cam belt and kit replaced next week just to be certain, because lack of service records past 30,000kms scares the poo out of me!

This is a great forum, and has already helped me with replacing the emergency flasher switch, and I will try the procedure for polishing the headlight covers as mine are insanely scuffed.

Looking forward to a long ownership of the Clio, and a long relationship with OzRenaultsport.

Cheers!! :D

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Welcome Ron! Great intro - where are you located?


Glad we could help you out already 8)

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Welcome aboard Ron,

Yes, best to get all that sorted. Are you getting the Acc belt kit and harmonic balancers done too?

Check condition of the water pump too.

Anyways, enjoy, post some pics, and send me an email next time to help get you sorted.



ps: no obligated, just a parts option.

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