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Newbie RS250 in Brisbane


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Hi Guys and Gals,


After a little fun with remembering my username (thanks for the assistance Dish) I have made it on!


I picked up a 2011 RS250 Trophee last Thursday in Lunar Grey from Bryan Byrt Renault in Brisbane. Still in the run in period so feeling a little frustrated at the moment :(


As you can see, I had a Clio previously and was sadly convinced by a mate that it wasn't powerful enough (he likes V8s) so made the mistake of trading it after only 4 months. A few cars later I am back and ready to resume the joy of owning a fun driver's car.


Hope to be around the RS scene a lot longer this time.

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Welcome buddy! Interesting to note you have an FPV F6 as well! That makes three of us with 250's and F6 310's. I know which one I'd rather drove over and over and over x100 :D


Ps a mate talked you out of your Clio? That's so shameful! Although you've luckily redeemed yourself with the 250!



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Welcome back.


Do Renault recommend you run it in? I just thrash the hell out of mine and at 1,000km do an oil change. A race mechanic once told me modern engines don’t require the run in like old cars do and giving a car a good Italian tune when new can be beneficial to power.


Lunar Grey is the new white.

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Yeah, just drive it. Don't have go ridiculous or track it, but a nice trip up Nebo/Glorious would serve you well.

Very glad to see the "crazy fog" lifted and you came back to the RS group. Heheh.

Anyways, i'm going to look for your old car (or similar) when i am able. I dig the corners and leaving Ford drivers wondering "how the hell did he gap me so much on ONE round about?!"

So...well done, and hope to see you out there.



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Thanks Guys.


Yeah manual says to go easy for the first 1000kms and that maximum performance (or some such wording) won't be achieved until 3,500kms.


Have managed 600kms in the last 6 days so think that could almost be enough "sensible" driving!!


Wolf - do Brisbane guys managed to meet up much or organize any events?


Danny - the F6 made way from the RS as I can't justify 2 vehicles at the moment for just me. The girlfriend is more than happy with her Yaris.

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Glad you made it back here and got your behind into the seat of another RS :wink:


PS: no probs about helping - that's what we're here for :D

PPS: I think it's time to change your username!!

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Agree...change name. Can't believe Treza has spoken up here about that...and to say hi ofcourse.

Newbie, we used to meet up a bit, no events as such, unless you call some eventful moments on our mountain passes. Some delightful moments indeed.

Would love to d so much more, but need to get passed a few things personally and buiz wise first.

RS less at the moment too. But happy to go the moto and video.



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