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Hi Guys and Girls,


Finally took ownership of my clio 172, took awhile due to car having VIC plates and WA Licensing having rediculous demands to get new plates, but it was worth the wait.

these cars are soo much fun, wish i new about them earlier!


very impressed with all the info on this forum, please bare with me as im a virgin to the whole forum experience.


glad to be on board!!


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Hi, welcome. I'm new here as well and I see that you are in Perth. I took delivery of my Clio 200 a couple of weeks ago. First Renault after a number of Peugeot GTIs. Absolutely love it!! Live in Mundaring, so have enjoyed a couple of runs through the Mundaring Weir Road.





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Welcome Michael! Glad you've finally caught the RS bug... it's with you for life now :wink:


Enjoy the car and the forum 8)

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Howdy, and welcome to our little corner of the Internet.


We're mostly a nice bunch, apart from the Moderators - be careful of them :wink:


Hope your foray into the marque is long lived and, above all, brings a smile to your face every time.

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Welcome aboard from another WA RS'er. Great choice. You'll have to join us on the next drive day :)

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Hi Michael,

Welcome to you (and Tammy, yes?)

Feel free to post up any info and questions.

- pics

- stats such kms, colour, stock or otherwise.

Have had three 172s so far. Best advice, make sure you service her well.



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